when software and service quality matters


We provide a broad array of consulting services in software development since 2002. We meet needs of almost any customer from small businesses to big corporations. We work on daily basis with our clients to understand their entire requirements and deliver quality software solutions integrated to their infrastructure.

We provide services you can rely on. Our reputation and work experience have earned us partnerships with companies around the globe. We tightly work with Organizer (http://www.organizer.com) to deliver their advanced mobile canvassing system. Our consulting services are used by Vertek (www.vertek.com). We had clients across United States, Europe and Russia.

Our award-wining team has a strong academic background in Computer Science and Management. And we are always looking forward to work as a part of our client’s team to deliver quality solutions just in time.

Solution excellence

Your business deserves best software solutions. They should grow with your requirements and support your business. i.Point can provide you with bleed-edge software specially designed for your needs.

Technology leadership

We provide our clients with award-wining technology stack. You will we win because we know how to utilize web and mobile platforms to support your business. We know how to write for Android, Google Cloud Platform and J2EE

Service quality

We know what quality means. All stages including analysis, design, development and testing are a part of i.Point Software Development Process (ISOdp). And we control quality on every stage.